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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Mean Puliyela Chuttathu / Fish Roast in Tamarind Leaf Paste

Prep Time : 15 min 
Cook Time : 30 to 40 min
Course : Side Dish


Frankly telling you, I never heard such a fish recipe before my marriage and I never tasted it. Suja my wife is from Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District is Familiar with it. She said to me that from childhood onwards her mother made such recipe. I think Malabar area of Kerala people may not be familiar with it or totally unknown ( I belongs to Palakkad District ). Iam not sure  how many people heard about this particular recipe. I hope this is a special recipe of  Ernakulam, Iddukki Districts of Kerala(INDIA).Kindly let me know if you know more about this recipe. It is a spicy and sour taste recipe.you may never tasted in life.This recipe to be had with rice and it has a special green colour. It is an easy recipe and I request you to  try this very very different recipe. You can use any fresh or dry fish.According to my wife, Dry Ayala/ Indian Mackerel is more tasted than any other Fish. Here I prefer fresh Koshuva/ Natholi/ Anchovies. In my previous post  KOZHUVA FRY, I mentioned about the Healthy benefit of this fish. In my opinion Koshuva Puliyela Chuttathu is a good healthy food without more oil. Her is the recipe, You try it and enjoy. 
Kozhuva/Natholi/Anchovies ----250gm   (Fresh Fish)
Fresh Tender Tamarind Leafes--3Cups (Imli ka Patha/Puliyela)
Coconut Grated--------------------1Cup
Cumin Seeds------------------------1/2tsp (Zira/Jeerakam)
Shallot------------------------------3nos (Chotta Piaz/Cheriya Ulli)
Kanthari Mulaku------------------15 nos(A small type of Chilli. It is a common plant in every house hold of Kerala.It is hoter than normal chilli. If it is not available You can use Green Chilli...7 nos)
Ginger-------------------------------2 Inch Length
Turmeric Powder------------------1/4 tsp
Coconut Oil-------------------------2 tsp
Salt to Taste
Plantain Leafe/Banana Leaf/Khela Ka Patha.

1. Grind well Tamarind Leaf.
2. Grind well grated coconut,Cumin seeds,Shallot,Ginger,Kanthari Mulaku OR Green chillies,Salt without adding water to a smooth paste.

3. Put this paste with salt on the fish and set aside.
4. Take a piece of Plantain Leaf, put the mixture on it and flatten. Take another piece of Plantain Leaf and cover it.


4. Heat a earthen Clay pot (If possible ) OR heat a frying pan, put two pieces of Plantain Leaf in the pot/pan, keep this mixture on it for 15 t0 20 minutes in a low flame  and then turn it to the other side so that both side also cooked well and keep for another 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the cover and add the coconut oil over it for good flavour. Now Kerala Tradational Mean Puliyela Chuttathu/Fish Roast In Tamarind Leafe Paste is ready.


* DRy fish, Ayala/Mackerel is much tastier than fresh fish.
* Earthen Clay Pot is good for it's cooking.
* Fish must be cut into small pieces. In this I put the small fish without cutting.
* If you use earthen clay pot, heat it in high flame, When it hot then ruduce the flame.  

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